"If you aren't using automation, you are working too hard"

We love automation period! Developers at Nexteon are dedicated to assist you in your software development and software operations by unifying them in a software engineering culture called DevOps. Get you work done with more speed and accuracy without any bugs in the production environment. Improve systematically and through rapid iterations to adapt the new software culture with us.

How can we help?
  • With intelligent automation trough systematic changes and rapid iterations.
  • Constant updates and continuous delivery of our services for smooth and transparent experience.
  • Improving infrastructure provisioning through automated deployments and self service portals.
  • Speed deployments by aligning development and operations with Enterprise Architecture guidelines.
  • Improving Production Performance Monitoring and Proactive Incident Management through Automation, Development and Collaboration.
What makes us different?
  • Our minions will manage the entire infrastructure.
  • Inspecting code at systematic interval as well as continuous development.
  • The deployment will be fully automated.
  • Transparent continuous Activity reports.
  • Automated, Error-free, faster configuration deployment.
  • Automated, Error-free, faster configuration deployment
DevOps Technologieswe use: